Local Search Marketing

Local business SEO is one of the best ways to move your business from stale to flourishing. Organic traffic (the search results on the left side of the Google page) is statistically proven to be where the most traffic on the internet comes from, and it’s also the highest converting type of traffic.

So what exactly is Local Business SEO?

When your customers search Google, Yahoo, or Bing, studies show that the closer you are listed to the top, the more likely you are to receive business.  As consumers are increasingly turning to the web for information, it is essential to any local business to be searchable on the internet. Rather than going to the yellow-pages to find a pizza place, consumers are searching Google Maps.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Local Web Marketing are simply tactics to get you to the top of the list.  Some of it is technical, and some of it is simply putting in the hours.  One thing is for certain:  Consumers are turning to the web, and Local Web Marketing is important to help you capture their business.

Why is this effective?
Rather than asking a friend where she found her shoes, buyers are finding deals on Facebook and Twitter.

Local Web SEO helps YOUR shoe-store spread the word about a product or offering.

How it Works
Because SEO is a building process and takes some time, we require our clients to sign up for a minimum three month subscription (we’re not trying to trap anyone, it just takes some time to get SEO really rolling, and we don’t want anyone to bail before they get results). As the three month subscription comes to a close the client will have an opportunity evaluate our performance and choose to continue to use our service on a month to month basis. We don’t use questionable methods to get you found (you’ll always get caught and penalized for that in the end) and we don’t mess with things that work unless we have a better solution. What we do is crush the competition by analyzing your site and your goals, providing real feedback on our progress, and by doing it all at costs that make sense to local businesses.