Pay Per Click – PPC

It’s a fast-moving market out there – the higher you bid, the higher your advertisement will be displayed in the Search Engines. The beauty of PPC is that you pay only when online searchers click on your listing and connect to your site. The flip side of that is that if you’re not savvy and on top of your campaign, you can burn up a lot of money getting there.

Rankster’s team of PPC managers has years of experience working on Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s Pay Per Click advertising programs.

Saving Cost:

With Rankster’s years of experience in online marketing campaigns, we are able to rank you higher on sponsored link results for less cost. You can potentially save 30% to 50% on Google AdWords spending.


With Rankster’s PPC campaign management, you always know who you are reaching. You choose what keywords you want to run, what countries or cities you want your PPC ads to appear in, and what times they will be displayed. You ensure that the visitor goes to the exact page you want them to see. You also control how much you bid for each ad and how much you want to spend in total.

Targeted Traffic:

You get to target the right audience without worrying about irrelevant traffic. If you sell charter fishing tours, you can select your ad to appear only when a search engine user types “Charter Fishing Tours”. Our analysis ensures that people searching for the particular keyword will find your website in the most cost-effective way.

Instantaneous Results:

The PPC ads appear almost instantly and respond to any changes or modifications instantly. Through PPC marketing, we can know very quickly who to reach, how to reach them, and further, how we’re doing in the results.

Critical Steps

Budget: Before we start conducting research for the Pay Per Click campaign, we need to understand what your monthly budget is. This will allow us to plan for spend and result outcomes.

Keyword Selection: Intelligent keyword choices are the foundation of a successful Pay Per Click campaign and the basis for all future site-related dialogue. Rankster will work with you to identify the most compelling and effective keywords for PPC efforts.  Rankster will Initiate the research process, utilizing data from the search engines with respect to search query volume, competition, and alternative keywords. We will then help guide you in choosing the optimal keywords and keyphrases for your PPC campaigning.

Conversion Analysis: Based on the objectives of the campaign and the finalized keywords, we will analyze the optimization of your website’s current pages to use as landing pages for the campaign or/and suggest creation of customized landing pages.

Campaign Management: Campaign management involves different steps and analytical techniques such as: CTR Management, Bid management, A/B split testing, geo-targeting, rank position analysis, negative keyword implementation, campaign ROI analysis and more. Rankster’s experienced PPC management team will strategize, manage, execute and monitor the campaign for maximum efficiency.

Accountability & Reporting: You will receive a monthly Performance Report that details the results of your campaign. Keywords will be adjusted over time to optimize the return on the campaign every month.

• Monthly Executive Summary Report
• Bid Management
• Geo Targeting Practice
• Day Parting Practice
• Local PPC Search Campaign
• Google Map Inclusion and Optimization
• Inclusion and Optimization
• Advertise Down To Product Part Number
• New Keyword Research on Monthly Basis
• Long Tail Keyword Implementation
• Negative Keyword Research
• A/B Testing
• Conversion Tracking
• Geo Conversion Analysis
• Advertising Position Analysis
• Shopping Cart Conversion Improvement Analysis
• Web Site Improvement Recommendation Report
• Web Site Analytic System
• Landing Page Testing With Site Optimizer