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SEO Packages help us offer you prices that make sense and simplify the start up process, allowing us to start bringing you more traffic faster. Each package was developed with different small business sizes and budgets in mind. Whether you are an emerging small business with a limited budget, a well developed medium/large company, or an established small business ready to expand, we have a package that can meet your needs.

RANKSTER SEO PACKAGESRankster LocalRankster SilverRankster GoldRankster Platinum
Cost per month (+ $250 setup fee)$299.00$399.00$799.00$1,599.00
No. of Keyphrases Optimized551020
Number of the Pages Optimized10102050
Title Tag Optimizationnoyesyesyes
Robots.txt Optimizationnoyesyesyes
Canonical Tag Implementationnoyesyesyes
Image & Hyperlink Optimizationnoyesyesyes
Header Tag Optimizationyesyesyesyes
URL Rewritingnononoyes
XML SiteMapyesyesyesyes
Blog Writing & Posting1124
Article Writing & Distribution3520100
Optimized Press Release Distribution (Provided by client)nono12
Directory Submission51020100
Landing Pages1125
Social Bookmarking10102030
Video Submission (Provided by client)nono24
RSS Feed Submission10102030
Google / Bing Mapsyesyesyesyes
GooglePlaces listingyesyesyesyes
Local Directory Submission10102030
Classified Directory Submission5102030
Google Analytics Traffic Reportyesyesyesyes
Monthly Ranking Reportyesyesyesyes
Customer Supportyesyesyesyes

The SEO techniques that we use at Rankster are the same techniques that you will find at any large, expensive SEO company, but we have set everything up to work on a local business level. Our techniques include backlink creating, article writing and posting, social media strategizing, and of course optimizing or your site’s content. Over a six month subscription to our service you will definitely see an increase in the quantity and quality of web traffic to your site. This will of course translate into more business for you. The bottom line is that we truly provide top quality SEO work that is accessible to small and local business owners.

At Rankster we pride ourselves in two main things: providing excellent, quality service, and offering that service at a price that makes sense to small business owners. We are a small business too and know how hard that can be; therefore, we want to offer you a tool that can help your business succeed. Web marketing, specifically web SEO, is what we are good at and is the tool that we can offer to other small business. We sincerely hope that all of the clients we get make the best use of the service we offer and experience growth. Our measure of success is the success of your business.

Why SEO Packages?

What is your business? How large are you? Are you looking to grow? What is the competitive landscape?

The primary reason we decided to offer SEO packages is that it allows us to offer our services at a lower cost to customers. We understand that at many small businesses there is not a gigantic marketing budget. Our goal is not to break the bank, but to provide you affordable top quality service.

We’ve designed SEO and web marketing packages to meet the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’re not here to make a quick buck, we’re here to grow and sustain your business in the online world. That’s why we require a minimum time frame – our SEO marketing packages are designed to “build up steam” over time.

Although results can be almost instant, our focus is on sustainability and consistency.