Social Media Marketing

With local small business SEO, the goal is to stand out to your unique audience. Social Media keeps you in contact with your customers on a social level, which at the outset doesn’t seem all that helpful. However, when you consider the amount of “selling” that happens through word-of-mouth, recommendations, and peer to peer interaction, social media becomes a very important part of your local web marketing effort.

A study conducted by the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business showed that almost one in five small business owners use social media as part of their SEO campaign.   Furthermore, they show that the number of businesses using this kind of technology for local marketing SEO has doubled in the past year.

Here are some more facts from the study that give you an idea for the local business SEO landscape:

  • 61% of small business owners use social media to find new customers
  • 45% expect their social media to be profitable within a year as part of a larger SEO marketing campaign
  • 75% of the businesses interviewed have a page on a social networking site like facebook
  • 69% actively post updates on social networks – i.e. twittering or facebook
  • 39% have a blog
  • 16% use twitter to reach customers

“Spreading the word” has taken on entirely new dimensions with the advent of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like. But starting and navigating the sometimes dangerous waters of “word-of-mouth” requires an in-depth knowledge of the social marketing universe and an intuitive sense of where, and where not to, swim. With any of our small business SEO packages, we’re here to advise and help you along the way.

The small business advertising landscape has changed drastically with the advent of the web, and local web marketing has all but replaced the yellowpages. Social Media is time-consuming and the results are not always measurable. However, in order to be a part of the digital world and to boost your business visibility online, it’s a necessary part of a local business SEO campaign.

Social media is just one aspect of local business SEO. The goal is this: through the efforts of your marketing and SEO your business will be at the top of customers’ lists, the first to come to mind, and the first words our of their mouths.

Don’t believe it?  Check out this vid.  It’ll make a believer out of you.