Our History

We each had to deal with it in one form or another. Some of us as producing creatives. Some of us as Managers & Directors. Some of us as clients.

How do you navigate the complex and ever-changing world of digital marketing while still being able to deliver smack-your-face campaigns EVERY SINGLE TIME? Hmmm…

So we began to plot.

In late 2004, Brightwork was born as a syndicate of award-winning creatives and marketers who would bring their particular brand of excellence to anyone with a cause and a budget. Mercenary-style.

In the beginning BW focused almost exclusively on the worlds of advertising and corporate communications producing new rounds of applause and awards for our clients, their customers, and yes, ourselves, in the process. Cross-media concepts. TV Spots. Website content. Digital communications – all kinds of digital stuff.

Over time though, we’ve broadened our offerings – and our team – in order to bring performance-driven solutions to just about any area of digital marketing, website development and media.

We’re particularly proud of the fact that Brightwork now works with almost every kind of enterprise on the spectrum from Fortune 500s to teeny tiny design firms, to mid-sized non-profits and everything in between. We’ve grown our vertical expertise to now offer digital marketing solutions to a wide variety of industries. And, we’re developing new talents and offerings everyday.

Brightwork was founded by Mike Giambattista. He is the Managing Director and one of the award-winning creatives mentioned above.